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LIGHTNING - Disco Symphony DISCO 1979


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Thomas Siano, an American Singer, Songwriter and Guitarist was born on December 13th, 1948 in Bronx, New York. Siano has backed up 20 or so oldie acts in the NY area, toured for a year with Gary US Bonds and has recorded over 15 albums of his music over the years. Siano has been signed to Capitol, Casablanca and Dolphin Records.

Growing up, there was always music in the household from Jazz, to Do Wop to Rock to Country. Siano picked up the guitar after being shown a few chords by Cousin Ray. He started playing in 1964 at age 15 and by 1966 Siano was working full time in a band called Five Pounds of Sound in NYC. On just his third night of playing, Siano found himself in front of an audience as the opening act for The Animals in The House of Liverpool in Yonkers New York.  

Siano first recorded in 1966 for TM Music. After many demos in different bands, his band The Gold Rush got a deal in 1969 with Capitol Records. The band was produced by Cashman Pistilli and West who went on later to produce Jim Croce. The Record was released the same time as The Beatles, Abbey Road. 

After a few more tries the band disbanded. Siano kept working full time on the road and in the New York area. In 1970, his band Taxi recorded at the Record Plant produced by Jack Douglas. And In 1975 his band became Gary U.S Bond's Back up band for a year. Siano wrote and recorded songs with Gary U.S Bonds. All the while studying guitar under the likes of Linc Chamberland, Steve Kahn, John Stowell, Chuck Wayne and one lesson with Sal Salvador. Siano also went to ESC, part of SUNY, to get a BPS in Music learning to write and arrange for the orchestra.

In 1978 Siano joined a Disco band known as the Bionic Boogie that had a top 10 disco hit at the time. In 1979, Siano was signed to Casablanca Records in a band called Lightning, produced by Lou Merenstein. After the band ended the drummer, Eric Carr joined Kiss. Siano's band Aura was then signed by Dolphin Records with their Record Reaching for the Other Side.

Siano, having enough of road life, decided to build a studio in his house, now in Connecticut so he could start recording his own music. At the same time, Siano began giving guitar lessons and working full time in a wedding band, called Stolen Moments in Yonkers N.Y. Siano played weddings for 20 years (100-150 a year) and then 5 to 6 years with synthesizer back up that Siano programmed for his trio of guitar, sax and vocalist in clubs. 

In 2015, Siano released a double Album, his 6th and 7th solo Album of original music, entitled Half Century, which brings forth Siano's 50 years of musical playing by encompassing a vast array of style genres such as Rock, Latin, Jazz to good ol' Country Blues.  Although a double Album release, the CD's very quite greatly, Bronx Rock being secular while the other Spiritual Rock is Contemporary Christian. 

Currently, Siano is a member of the adult choir  at his local church, St. Teresa of Avila in Woodbury Connecticut and plays guitar and bass with the youth choir. Siano also records for Sacred Heart's Music Gift Program and performs at their Taize prayer services in Southbury CT. In addition Siano has produced a CD for Saint Teresa's to raise money for Children to the Light and a CD for Sacred Heart and Saint Teresa members to help Carolyn's Place in Waterbury CT.