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LIGHTNING - Disco Symphony DISCO 1979


Rock Foundation Wedding Showcase

In January 2014, I started recording my sixth solo CD. The songs were written between 2006 and now, with the exception of one from 1975. I'm up to 25 songs so it may be a double CD, I have not decided yet. It may also be my last one for I'll be 66 in December. My birthday actually is 12/13/14 this year!

I hope to have the CD done by September this year. It contains about 10 instrumentals and about 10 Christian songs. The rest are just songs; full of guitar and vocals. I collaborated with a few of my musician friends on some of the tracks. Vinita sings four of the vocal leads for me, and Sandi helped with some background. My friend Patty also helped with some keyboard. Before its finished I hope to have more friends join me as well.

Being retired gives me all the time I need to record and with a studio in my house I am at it constantly. . .

Over the years out of all the 1,000's of sets I played on stage in all the different venues there was only a few bands that really cooked. Taxi was one, and the wedding band Stolen Moments was the other. When we were all on the same page there was nothing like it.

When it was a good night you were on top of the world. But if not, you started thinking about a day job. Many times there was someone who wasn't up to it or just wanted to go home. Some players made mistakes all the time. Some would sing flat, while others showed up perpetually late.

When I started my one man band I got it right all the time. I had fun everytime I played. If you can't pay good money for great muscians then the next best thing is computer back up and one or two singers or players.

Antiques was recorded on a Fostex 16 track tape recorder around 1995. All but two songs were written between 1970 to 1974. The song "How Can I Love You Tonight" was written in 1983 and was first recorded on my first multi track, a 4 track Teac Porter Studio. The other song "Don't Say You Love Me" was written for a soap opera for radio called Metro Beat sometime in the late 80's. I wrote all the songs for its duration.

Because the songs were written long ago I decided to title the album Antiques. Also, the songs were first recorded, spanning over several years, with the different bands that I was in. During those days, a studio session was very expensive, so you never had enough time to get "it" just right. As a solo Artist, I re-recorded all of these songs so I could bring the right harmony initially intended. I use a drum machine, and also play and sing all parts on each track.

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